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From 2005 to 2009, all but one substantiated incident involving a female inmate involved a male employee.
According to DOCS, abuse is rare in the state's facilities--with only 79 substantiated incidents from 2005 through 2009--and rarely involves force or threats of force--six incidents during that time period.
Critics also charge that DOCS fails to appropriately discipline many employees involved in substantiated incidents of sexual abuse.
According to DOCS, 25 percent of all substantiated incidents involved female inmates--who constituted a mere 2,500, or 4 percent, of the 58,000 people in custody on Jan.
BJS has collected administrative records on allegations and substantiated incidents of sexual victimization in correctional facilities nationwide.
Reporting/response--Procedures should guide reporting of alleged or substantiated incidents to appropriate agencies, require corrective actions based on investigation results, and include reporting action by a court of law that indicates an employee is unfit for service to the appropriate agency, registry, or licensing authority.
Army databases to study substantiated incidents of child maltreatment among 1,771 families of enlisted soldiers worldwide from 2001 through 2004.
The publication also features an in-depth analysis of substantiated incidents, including where and when they occurred, number and characteristics of victims and perpetrators, nature of the injuries, impact on the victims, and sanctions imposed on the offenders.
Indeed, constraints that the union contracts impose on DOCS are illustrated by the difficulty that DOCS faced when trying to fire an officer and a lieutenant in connection with substantiated incidents.
New York State male facilities reported 49 substantiated incidents of staff-on-inmate sexual misconduct from 2005 to 2009, a small number given the roughly 60,000 inmates in New York prisons at any time.
Assemblyman Steve Hawley--a Republican from the 139th District, which contains the Albion prison, the female prison with the most substantiated incidents since 2005--issued a statement that says, in part: "While it is clear no incidence of sexual abuse of female prisoners by correctional officers can be tolerated, we must also be careful to ensure that further measures taken to prevent and punish this behavior do not have an unwarranted impact on the vast majority of dedicated, hardworking, decent and law-abiding correctional officers, who work 365 days a year to operate our prisons.