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Mr Martin said: "When Dail Eireann votes in a majority on a substantive issue like this, I think there is a responsibility on the Government to consider that.
The topic of human rights is really something that crosses Sections, so the collaboration was very easy because of the common ground, which is the substantive issue of human rights," said International Human Rights Committee Chair Dabney Evans, PhD, MPH.
MR Kilfoyle (Letters - June 9) talks of generalised smears replacing reasoned argument - then proceeds to generalise, misinterpret and avoid addressing the substantive issue.
The members are predominantly concerned about the substantive issue," said Speaker Joe Hackney, "not the dynamics between the two branches of government.
Turf Club chief executive Denis Egan said: "There will be a full hearing of the substantive issue of whether the Turf Club were within their rights to suspend Davids Lad at Naas, and it will begin at 11.
Spencer appropriately reminds us to address the more substantive issue of finding structural solutions to the legacy of racial discrimination against people of African descent who have white and other ancestry.
In each of these studies the substantive issue is located in the complex intersection of legal theory, social regulation, and private interest.
Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari on Wednesday said one must wait for the reports of the Justice Verma Committee and Justice Usha Mehra Committee on this very substantive issue, which requires urgent action.
He said, ''The substantive issue is up to ASEAN to define, not Russia.
The question of legal aid is not the substantive issue.
Only in the last years before the First World War did suffrage become a more substantive issue for mainstream feminists, who would be severely disappointed by the war's impact.