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SUBSTITUTE, contracts. One placed under another to transact business for him; in letters of attorney, power is generally given to the attorney to nominate and appoint a substitute.
     2. Without such power, the authority given to one person cannot in general be delegated to another, because it is a personal trust and confidence, and is not therefore transmissible. The authority is given to him to exercise his judgment and discretion, and it cannot be said that the trust and confidence reposed in him shall be exercised at the discretion of another. 2 Atk. 88; 2 Ves. 645. But an authority may be delegated to another, when the attorney has express power to do so. Bunb. 166; T. Jones, 110. See Story, Ag. Sec. 13, 14. When a man is drawn in the militia, he may in some cases hire a substitute.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In calculating the surcharge, another indicator, the use of short-term wholesale funding, is calculated and used in place of the substitutability indicator, and that score is used to calculate a surcharge under a slighdy different formula than under method 1.
The reason why a logical inference chain is not applicable to drug substitutability rules is because G, EQ and the corresponding reference drug are not identical pharmaceutical products regarding rate and extent of bioavailability, even if they are considered as therapeutically comparable (REF vs EQ) or sufficiently bioequivalent (REF vs G) to a same reference drug product.
The deviation tariff is decreasing in the cooperative tariff at a given point in time only because Home's best response tariff in a static set up is decreasing in the Foreign tariff due to strategic substitutability.
Capital-labour substitutability would increase dramatically, and humans would provide nothing except executive decision-making.
What our results show is that imperfect substitutability did exist over this pre-crisis sample, but that the coefficients on the two supply variables are reduced when compared to the post-2008 sample.
Secondly, we have imposed zero cross price effects: [[beta].sub.ts] = 0 for t [not equal to] s for t = d,n in the first stage and [[beta].sub.hj] = 0 for h [not equal to] j for [for all] h [member of] [t] and t= [d,n] in the second stage, in order to test whether there exists a relationship of substitutability or complementarity among different hourly demands.
It has also been suggested that the beta value is a measure of substitutability (Foxall, 1999).
Imperfect substitutability between goods produced in different countries also has an extensive empirical confirmation.
Many factors, for example, new innovation in technology, drugs, diagnostic tools, prices and access to services, case management strategies, among others determine the degree of substitutability of health care (11).
It produces, in other words, a substitutability of person by indicating perceptual surfaces while refusing to substitute one thing for another.
* Substitutability: The systemic importance of a single component increases in cases where it is difficult for the components of the system to provide the same or similar services in the event of failure.