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Substitute for Fuel on the Prairies.- Fossil Trees.- Fierceness of the Buffaloes When in Heat.- Three Hunters Missing.- Signal Fires and Smokes.- Uneasiness Concerning the Lost Men.- A Plan to Forestall a Rogue.- New Arrangement With Rose.- Return of the Wanderers.
This substitute for fuel is universal among the Indians of these upper prairies, and is said to make a fire equal to that of turf.
These nuts, as far as they went, were a good substitute for bread.
Congress at this time scarcely possess the means of keeping up the forms of administration, till the States can have time to agree upon a more substantial substitute for the present shadow of a federal government.
He seemed a galvanizing apparatus, too, charged with a grim mechanical substitute for the tender young imaginations that were to be stormed away.
Since each surgeon faces difficulties to select the most suitable bone graft or bone graft substitute for each trauma and orthopedic surgical procedure that requires bone grafting.
In the same Resolution promulgated October 1, the Comelec said the substitute for a candidate, who died or was disqualified by final judgment may file a COC up to mid-day of Election Day.
'The public is warned that claims on the use of goat's milk as an alternate or substitute for breastmilk undermines the importance and relevance of breastfeeding as the source of adequate and safe nutrition for infants,' it said.
Although herbs and spices can substitute for salt in the diet, they do not provide a salty taste.
The authors also point out that the still prevalent but small risk of transmission of bloodborne pathogens (i.e., HIV) has served as one stimulus to develop a synthetic substitute for human blood, and more specifically for a red blood cell (RBC) substitute.
Essentially, Kerr and Jermier (1978) argued that there are a series of characteristics which have the potential to either neutralize or substitute for the effects of leader behavior.