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SUBSTITUTES, Scotch law. Where an estate is settled on a long series of heirs, substituted one after another, in tailzie, the person first called in the tailzies, is the institute; the rest, the heirs of tailzie; or the substitutes. Ersk. Princ. L. Scotl. 3, 8, 8. See Tailzie; Institute.

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Congress at this time scarcely possess the means of keeping up the forms of administration, till the States can have time to agree upon a more substantial substitute for the present shadow of a federal government.
At least, I never heard he was employed about any publication, and, to own the truth, he does not appear to me to be particularly qualified for such a duty, either by native capacity, or, its substitute, education.
The material she bought for making the substitute dress," answered the Sergeant.
He seemed a galvanizing apparatus, too, charged with a grim mechanical substitute for the tender young imaginations that were to be stormed away.
17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the sugar substitutes market, in terms of region, type, application, and composition, in terms of value (USD million) and volume (KT).
com/research/7tcthk/global_sugar) has announced the addition of the "Global Sugar Substitutes Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
Substitute Operator Should Be Able To Set Days Substitutes Are Available To Work, Sites They Prefer To Work At, And Areas Of Expertise.
Substitutes were first allowed in the 1965-66 season, but only in League matches.
When economic difficulties led to staff cutbacks in almost every industry, many laid-off workers signed up to be substitutes, allowing districts to be more selective.
1 of the Vegan Substitutes Guide is now available in the iTunes app store.
This has been achieved using salt substitutes, by creating texture-taste interactions, and by boosting intensity with flavor boosters or salty aromas.
All efforts to date have essentially focused on the ability of RBCs to carry oxygen, yet no oxygen-carrying blood substitutes are approved for use by the U.