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Corrosion release of the several substitutional alloying elements from various titanium alloys used in dentistry have been widely known in literature.
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2010-2014 report, Internet and TV are becoming complementary rather than competitive or substitutional, as the report noted that many of the people who are watching TV are simultaneously online, accessing content or participating in social networks related to the TV programmes they are viewing.
This is in line with Zellweger and Nason's (2008) perspective on substitutional relations between different performance outcomes in family firms.
1] are attributed to the Si-C bending vibration (24), indicating that when GPTMS is reacted with acetic acid, a C substitutional defect for Si will form in the -Si-O-Si- network.
Boozer claims Curtiz uses these class values within the film to implicate "the passage of substitutional, material values from parent to child as a central factor in the destruction of the family" (97).
For scientific fact-finding to be substitutional for legal fact-finding, it would have to be able to make deductive sense of soft variables, with the necessary and sufficient conditions for drawing a conclusion set out in advance.
Double times thermal Green's function is used to obtain thermally averaged correlation functions and hence the observable quantities with the help of the modified model Hamiltonian taking into account anharmonic effects up to fourth order with substitutional defects and electric moment terms.
In the BINDB equation, we find the expected substitutional link between CEO ownership and outside board representation.
Table 8 given below shows the various vowel substitutional patterns that occur in the English speech of L1 Shona speakers.
Mr Blakebrough, a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, added: "If you look at it as a crime reduction measure obviously we have to do something about those people who are not suitable for substitutional treatments otherwise they will commit crime to sustain their habit.
The literature thus indicates a complementary rather than substitutional relationship with search.