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Finally, the substitutional relationship between outcomes indicates that one performance outcome can be traded for another.
2]NPs with N, a two-step process was selected, ensuring a higher content of interstitial and substitutional N.
However, recently some yellow CVD synthetic diamonds containing isolated substitutional nitrogen were found in the market (Hainschwang, 2014; Moe et al.
Courts now allow substitutional service by way of social networking sites.
soft" and side effects of activation schemes--psychosocial stability, health, feelings of inclusion/exclusion, participation, family, substitutional effects on private businesses and sectors or on other employment forms
Summary statistics for the different substitutional changes are shown in Table 2 and 3.
For example, the individual may also feel the ocean breeze and warmth of the sun as well, and all of these substitutional functions may transfer to other stimuli by virtue of stimulus generalization and always participate in unique multi-factored fields (this is similar to stimulus equivalence and higher-order conditioning).
He then outlines applications of methods to materials like crystalline solids, disordered substitutional alloys, amorphous solids, nanoclusters, nanowires, graphene, topological insulators, battery materials, spintronic materials, and materials under extreme conditions.
Around 1500, with the waning of the Middle Ages and the birth of modern concepts of the author and of chronological time, the substitutional model began to fade--without, however, disappearing completely.
X) and call it the combinatorial logarithm (iii), by analogy with the fact that, in analysis, the power series of log(1 + X) is the substitutional inverse of that of exp(X) - 1.
The growth rate of austenite is believed to be controlled by either volume diffusion of carbon or by boundary diffusion of substitutional alloying elements [5].
The test involved a system known as Substitutional Reality (SR) which has been developed at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute's Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence in Japan.