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To do this, we need to explore the substructural forces that
Many substructural and superstructural deficiencies which stand out in many rural settlements in Turkey are not common in this area.
The terrace, 52 meters in diameter, was entirely enclosed by architecture--on the northeast (where the platform was cut into the existing hillside), by a semi-circular annular vaulted portico; and on the southwest (the orientation of the temple's main facade), by monumental architecture built atop vaulted substructural terraces and fill, now missing.
The basis for this grouping is that each group, while sharing many substructural commonalities with the other groups, faced its own added set of problems.
Even where substructural elements are concerned, there is an implied warranty that the structure be free from dampness .The builder was held responsible for faulty construction of the basement in Elmore v, Blume (1975) (also Garcia v.
The DSS is mainly a rule-based approach, with rules developed based on not only substructural molecular features but also on physicochemical properties such as molecular weight, aqueous solubility, and logarithm of the octanol-water partition coefficient (log [K.sub.ow]).
The first mode of user interaction is a view of the single level processing of information, whereas the second mode also views the substructural (memory) and ultrastructural (context) knowledge artifacts.
Tf, the most important iron-transport protein, is synthesized mainly in hepatocytes and consists of three substructural domains: a single polypeptide chain, two independent metal ion-binding sites (one within the N-terminal and the other within the C-terminal domain), and two N-linked complex glycan chains (Fig.
This recent and aggressive capitalistic venture brings Faiman-Silva to a disturbing conclusion about Choctaw cultural survival: "Tribal culture [among Choctaws] persists as a substructural bas relief over a base driven by world economic forces in a global marketplace" (p.
In his structural theory, the biological conditions are always to be considered as substructural (Weinstein and Platt, 1973, pp.
KATALIN BINBO, "Substructural Logics, Combinatory Logic, and Lambda-Calculus." Adviser: J.
At the substructural level, early defects are difficult to resolve and numerous single gene mutants share "a common classic male sterile phenotype when examined by light microscopy" (Fuller 1993).