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That said, we could try to detect substructures around other galaxies.
Substructure modal synthesis method is also called dynamic substructure method and mainly used in the dynamic characteristics analysis of complex combination structures, such as engine combination structures.
At the next step, the inertance matrix, [G], is measured as the acceleration responses at all the connections on the separated passive substructure excited by the unit force at each connections.
There is no substructure installed at the first floor of the megastructure because the bottom story of substructure is supported on the ground, and its movement will not directly influence the structural responses.
of excavation took place, including rock blasting, for the substructure pit.
We chose the length of the substructure (55 mm) according to the length of the prosthesis and designed the width (8 mm) and the thickness (from 3.
In order to model the mechanical behaviour of such a variety of heterogeneous materials, the substructure has to be simplified.
Since the nucleation of the twin-oriented domains takes place at the growth front of the crystal, the formation of the twin substructure is possible only if the grain growth takes place in the <111>crystallographic direction.
The group's experience in excavation and substructure work is extremely strong and we will continue to concentrate on large-scale contracts.
Suggestions that the deck be replaced rather than repaired rarely meet with resistance, Parish says, especially if he can point to substructure damage.
5m each were attached at the head and foot to the substructure using a stainless steel grid.
NMOC) contracted a Malaysian firm Wednesday to build a giant platform substructure in its gas field in the South China Sea.