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To investigate the influence of two substructures on the material behaviour, the propagation of a pulse in a one-dimensional medium, which can be interpreted as an elastic bar, is considered.
This feature demonstrates that not only the presence of the second-level substructure influences the material behaviour, but also the relative position of both substructures is significant.
We signed the first deal with Shell to supply floating liquefied natural gas facilities, followed last year by a contract to supply the substructures, said a company official.
The first is to build the substructure of a floating production unit (FPU) for Royal Dutch Shell and another of an offshore platform for a North American oil company.
The alliance enables SciQuest to significantly enhance its Web-based chemical database and functionality, giving researchers the ability to search by chemical structure and substructure, as well as properties such as molecular weight ranges and formulae.
Delivering a full range of services, from strategy and architecture to implementation and operations, ENS can now help State of California agencies create a high-performance network substructure that delivers the reliability, security and scalability needed to support the most advanced internetworking solutions.
The project comprises a FEED study and a subsequent detailed EMA phase for the development of substructures for the five new floating wind turbines.
as a double-energy cells 13 pieces equipment cabinets, 10 Movable tables, 23 pieces shelves, 49 pieces undercounter refrigerators, 6 pieces substructure cooling units, 249 units Mobile substructures Furthermore, shelves, ladders, wall cabinets, base cupboards, reagent racks, panels, etc.
The first part of the tender called Lot 05: Supply of Substructure & Foundation WTG concerns the optional fabrication and supply of at least 44 and maximum 54 substructures and foundations.
It is the intention of the contracting entity to involve the contractor during the detailed design phase of the substructures and foundations.
Replacement construction Viaduct a, length 270 m, built in 1967, old design: prestressed concrete box girders, deck area: 8140 mA, demolished concrete substructures and superstructures: 10 500 mA, demolition scaffolding, excavation: approximately 52 000 mA, Installation: 4 000 mA, filling: approximately 52 000 mA, piles d = 1.
With experience and capabilities that span the full range of network and application services, ENS will help the ASP Industry Consortium fulfill its mission by sharing best practices and techniques needed to create a high performance network substructure that delivers the reliability, security and scalability that application service providers require.