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Similarly, the relation between response and excitation of all the connection substructures is expressed as follows:
The dimensions of a stiffness matrix can increase or decrease corresponding to the addition or deletion of substructures, respectively.
"Detecting substructure via gravitational lensing occurring in the Milky Way will be extremely hard.
In AMLS (automated multilevel substructuring), a finite element model of a structure is automatically divided into two substructures, each of which is then subdivided into its own substructures.
Generally, in the substructure modal synthesis method, the vibration system's kinematics equation is converted into modal coordinate space equation and the higher modes of the substructures are removed.
The objective disc brake is divided into 6 substructures named A to F.
All these three experimental models are composed of four megastories and seven-story substructures that are attached to megastructure from the second floor to the fourth floor.
To investigate the influence of two substructures on the material behaviour, the propagation of a pulse in a one-dimensional medium, which can be interpreted as an elastic bar, is considered.
identification method for shear structures by dividing them into many substructures. All story parameters are estimated utilizing the cross-power spectral densities between structural floor accelerations and a reference response.
Assuming that only the first n and m modes of substructures a and b are considered during modal synthesis and the number of interface DOFs of the substructure is J, since the two substructures share the same nodes at the interface, there should be displacement coordination equations as
Planning and execution of construction works using the bim method; demolition of existing reinforced concrete substructures; new construction of the substructures as a steel composite construction; adaptation of the bab drainage; traffic safety in the area of the bab
"substructure and restoration work" business framework contract for substructure and restoration work on gas leakage, malfunction and gas network maintenance occurring in the contracting authority~s service area (operating area of szeged business unit); with standby stand, with technical support as follows: part 1: szeged business unit to perform works on substructures related to the contracting entity~s emergency response activities (necessary for repair and / or repair of gas distribution pipelines and / or repair work) based on ad hoc orders as follows: activity: execution of works of substructures of the contracting authority in connection with the gas-evacuation prevention activities, in the framework of a permanent standby service.