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Detecting substructure via gravitational lensing occurring in the Milky Way will be extremely hard.
The dynamic substructure method, namely, the substructures modal synthesis method, can decrease the calculation load caused by the large degree of freedom.
Since the TPA is conducted with respect to the evaluation location, the forces for the substructures are, therefore, required only to estimate the projected forces with respect to the evaluation location.
All these three experimental models are composed of four megastories and seven-story substructures that are attached to megastructure from the second floor to the fourth floor.
For this purpose, we use numerical simulations of one-dimensional wave propagation in materials with several compositions of two substructures.
B] of the maximally informative substructures of theory B has essentially just one member.
SARNavigatorBASE(TM), a high-capacity chemical spreadsheet with substructure searching and chemical management capabilities, including descriptor calculation and analysis tools that include structure-activity relationships (SAR) table generation
In the model, the dynamic characteristic of each substructure (component) is represented by its modal parameters, and the coupling stiffness matrix reflects the coupling relationships between substructures.
MIL is a leading supplier of derricks, substructures and other structural drilling rig components to the oil and gas drilling industry.
Contract notice: Federal city of bonn, 66-260570, Half-sided replacement of the bridge substructures (east side) of the viktoriabrcke
com's proven chemical structure management technology into SciQuest's private marketplace offering, scientists will be able to source reagents by their structure and by substructures, as well as by chemical name and CAS number, a unique identifier for chemicals.
In April 2017 Kvaerner signed a frame agreement with Aker BP, and later an alliance agreement was signed for construction and hook-up of fixed offshore platforms, including topsides and steel jacket substructures.