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As applied to both the physical and spiritual spheres of reality, the apparent significance that is arrived at through tafsir is to be reinterpreted through ta'wil so as to arrive at a deeper or more general significance under which the apparent significance is subsumable.
Given the interpretive perspective resulting from our analysis of the sympathy example in the Grundlegung, the only remaining question is this: how can Kant justifiably maintain that all material practical principles are subsumable under the principle of self-love?
Moreover, that shift provides an alternative to the excruciating philosophical task of developing categories enabling us to treat different situations as subsumable under one commensurate framework within which relative worth can be assessed.
This special nature of morality has prompted proposals to introduce morality as a separate source of value, or separate "utility," not subsumable under and not commensurable with self-interested tastes.
This would be a counterpart to a study of the hermeneutics of reading--which are so readily subsumable under the Proustian paradigm.
Any of these variations is subsumable under the analysis provided in the text.
What assumptions enable us to take an adjective derived from a territorial unit--an America, a set of spatial coordinates on a map--and turn it into a mode of literary causality: a set of attributes based on the territorial determined by it, and subsumable under its jurisdiction?
It is a dilemma, according to Oerlemans, because the impulse ends in a feeling not of connectedness but of alienation, for the nature contemplated proves incapable of being resolved into distinct or amalgamated objects subsumable under the categories of reason (195).
Moreover, the inter is shaped plurally by different mediations of mind and being, same and other, mediations not subsumable into one total self-mediation.