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GST will do away with most of central indirect taxes, such as excise and service tax, and VAT as well as subsume local levies like octroi and purchase tax at the state level.
The paintings neither illustrate the words they contain nor subsume them to a purely visual schema.
Fog subsumes the iceberg, an intermittent peak the only signal, & whosoever wishes to write also leaves a beauty mark on the white space of the horizon.
The artists show equal affection toward both avant-garde and kitsch--whether in the way the work incorporates the readymade (Holloway), subsumes itself to the functional (Pardo), or simply alludes to the banal (Calame).
If you are designing a language that will provide only one primitive string type that subsumes character and supports Unicode, what is the best internal representation?
Marriage is a social institution that is grounded in a personal love and commitment that subsumes the biological, which, in turn, includes the physiological, procreative, and immuno-logical dimensions of the human being.
because the motion subsumes all that comes in contact,
Canonical correlation analysis is a sophisticated multivariate technique that subsumes all parametric methods (the "t"-test, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis of variance, multivariate analysis of covariance, and discriminant analysis) as special cases.
For Helbling the dilemma is solved through the creative imagination, a form of sight that subsumes language within a higher reality.
Just as the mystical church subsumes all believers into a common identity with Christ, the story of Christ's heroic self-sacrifice subsumes the poem's particular narrative strands into a single religious allegory.