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MOS 250A was added in October 1987 as it subsumed MOS 290A, Telecommunications Technician, created September 1977 from MOS 341A, cryptographic equipment repair technician, (created 3 Jun 61) which was previously MOS 4418, cryptographic repair officer, (created 18 Nov 57) and MOS 721A, cryptographic technician, (created 3 Jun 61) which was previously MOS 0224, message center officer, cryptographic, (created 30 Oct 43).
Ruth Greenspan Bell, who studies Asian environmental matters for the nonprofit research group Resources for the Future, says she would assume the situation in North Korea to be the same as that in countries such as the Soviet bloc before 1989 and China today--"that environmental protection, if it exists, lacks any independent role and gets subsumed to production and full-employment goals.
Here, as the only New Yorker willing to expose her bare legs to a frigid New York winter, Kidman gives a delectably elliptical portrayal of someone so subsumed with loss that she's ceased processing the difference between life, morality and love.
The total book expense for a particular liability may be included in a variety of accounts or is subsumed in a large expense account that is used for a number of liability accounts.
Religious poetry, prevalent during all parts of the century and worthy of consideration in itself, is largely subsumed under "poesie engagee" ("committed" or polemical poetry).
John, a former Primedia executive, said that when Primedia acquired Kagan it created a new subsidiary, Media Central, which subsumed Kagan and Simba.
At the height of the passion and excitement surrounding the spontaneous student sit-in movement, Baker arrived and used her influence to save the emerging Student Non-Violent Coordinating Commission from being subsumed by Dr.
In effect, the ruling said physical possession and right of occupation, the traditional meaning of ownership, have been subsumed to economic interest in a piece of land.
He suggests that Davidson's more recent work seeks to articulate a primitive notion of truth that may balance between a notion that collapses into deflationism and one that is wholly subsumed under a general theory of interpretation.
The program, the materials boast, is totally subsumed in fundamentalist Christianity "all day, every day.
What we oppose is the alternative -- the effective abolition of local, county, and state governments and their absorption into a monolithic federal state, which in turn would ultimately be subsumed into a global leviathan directed by the United Nations.
In such a situation all or many of the school subjects are subsumed.