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77.94 Crore tax on interstate sales of Furness Oil, LPG, Kerosene etc was not included under CST of Rs 993.57 crore in the subsumed revenue for the year 2015-16, Ramakrishnudu highlighted.
Previously under standalone national contracts, the activity was subsequently subsumed into the wider Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) contract.
Throughout, the overarching theme of missed opportunities or limits placed on research is brought into particular focus, as the 'apostles of Enlightenment' (a phrase he frequently uses to refer to scientists) are subsumed to larger governmental needs or initiatives.
In October 1987, MOS 286A was converted to MOS 256A, communications-electronics repair technician, which also eventually subsumed MOS 257A, data processing systems repair technician two years later.
The diagrammatic spiral is the subsumed vertebrae which give the animal its characteristic form, but the story does not end with this unifying gesture.
Today, these once "grand" shows have been all but subsumed in a continuous cycle of events around the world--a year-round circuit of destinations whose character has grown increasingly indistinct.
Instead the pre-revolutionary retail sector is subsumed under the term "old merchant Moscow," i.e., dirty, disorganized shops, and contrasted to the Stalinist state's vision of civilized modernity.
The first one is subsumed in a jingoistic war on terrorism, while the second is nurtured by an enervating domestic miasma of crass, and often vulgar, hip-hop consumerism.
The two are not one and the same and any suggestion that Israel would be subsumed within a Palestinian state, or vice versa, is a dangerous one.
As the dancers work their way through a series of gestures and walking patterns, they gradually become subsumed, the stage lights fading and the video projection taking over, until finally the projected body and the real bodies both fall to the ground.
The premise of this new work by economist Lester Thurow is that there are no viable alternatives to capitalism and, for that reason, all economies will inevitably be subsumed into the global market.
"It's the first time the lives of lesbian and, to a lesser extent, bisexual characters have been presented as the norm rather than subsumed into the main, heterosexual characters' story lines."