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She then reasserts the Croce-Durling model of the poem as image of a dynamically harmonious microcosm, acknowledging and subsuming the world's multiplicity in a unifying order.
200) The key for the free black community was, as Horton explains, subsuming these internal differences at critical moments in order to unite and agree upon, at the very least, the immediate end of slavery, full civil and political rights, and educational and economic opportunities commensurate with their status as American citizens.
Legal opinion The Union finance ministry will also seek legal opinion to accommodate in the Constitution Amendment Bill the issue of compensation to states for revenue loss because of subsuming of all indirect taxes in the GST.
The noise of the dive brought to mind a leap into the void or, more accurately, into a liquid and subsuming space.
Whereas Urkowitz challenged one's belief in the presence of a subsuming original now lost, Eric Sams challenges those hesitant to identify Edward III, first published anonymously in 1596, as wholly Shakespeare's.
Indeed, by subsuming divided subjectivity in a larger conception of the unified self, these writers anticipated theories of acting and role-play advanced by social psychologists on whom Murray implicitly draws: "the processes that develop a person's character and cognition are basically the same as those that affect a person living a social role or an actor trying to enter into the psychological experiences the script creates for a character as an imagined person" (22).
On one level these variations amount to something like an actor's primer, showing the scene played with restraint or abandon, primly or violently, but what seems to count is less the success of these alternate readings than the mutability of the bodies within them: The actors disappear into character, subsuming their own reality into fiction.