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Rather than a triumph, 1946 marks the date of painting's full subsumption to the authority of the face, heralding the flattening of surface and the purging of inferiority that would culminate with post-painterly abstraction.
Through the interactivity that is such a prominent feature of her work, Wilson's art provided participants an opportunity for immersion into something analogous to subsumption architecture (5) while continuing to assert a non-autonomous role of the viewer in the exhibition experience; to put it another way, Wilson's art required the participation of the viewers through the kinds of habitual behavior endemic to interactive art while cancelling out their participation in the final product.
Marx (1976) elaborated upon this aspect by describing what he called the subsumption of labour by capital.
They considered taxonomy different from a thesaurus discussing about a subsumption hierarchy with many transitive inheritance relationships between elements.
Mourning in Derrida possesses a profound respect for irreducible otherness, the fundamentally incomprehensible "singularity" of the other-that which in the person escapes Hegelian subsumption.
The main reasoning services supported by crisp reasoners are entailment and subsumption.
This may drive the aesthetic formalist to say that the art objects (relevant to this discussion) created by these artists do not have marked aesthetic characters, and that a distinction between art objects and aesthetic objects is now required (and so, to boot, Beardsley's subsumption of the former under the latter will not work anymore).
Deductions from axiomatic statements as well as subsumption of particular instances, specimens, or occurrences under general rules are activities which obey the laws of logic.
Hierteenoor dring die Marxistiese filosoof Antonio Negri (2008: 47-8) om strategiese redes aan op 'n besliste breuk tussen modern en postmodern en hy maak dit duidelik dat hy globalisering beskou as onlosmaaklik verknoop aan die postmoderniteit en die uitbreiding van die kapitalisme na elke aspek van die bestaan: "There is no outside to our world of real subsumption of society under capital.
from any kind of subsumption within Afro-Creole culture.
The show is an expression of the ultimate subsumption of irony with no popular conversation or expression of concern within its general reception.
Rus and colleagues [19] addressed the task of paraphrase identification by computing the degree of subsumption at lexical and syntactic level between two sentences in a bidirectional manner: from Text A to Text B and from Text B to Text A.