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3] (be it an assertion or an inference) will have a corresponding is-a in the OWL ontology, and thus subsumption links will be preserved.
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According to autonomist theory, although the subsumption of workers' affective and cognitive capacities in immaterial labour is potentially enriching, the transformation in production under semiocapitalism has been brought about only at enormous psychic, affective and experiential cost.
That led me to rethink computation organization, which ultimately lead to subsumption architecture.
The Lexical Constructional Model (LCM) is a meaning construction model whose core component accounts for the relationship between lexicon and grammar, where the subsumption or unification of lexical templates (lower-level semantic representations of the syntactically relevant content of a predicate) and constructional templates (higher-level semantic representations) gives rise to semantic interpretation (Butler 2009, 2013; Mairal and Ruiz de Mendoza 2006, 2008, 2009a, 2009b; Ruiz de Mendoza 2013; Ruiz de Mendoza and Mairal 2007a, 2007b, 2008).
We are referring to those passages in the Grundrisse in which Marx develops, after the stage of real subsumption, the hypothesis of the General Intellect, which anticipates the coming of an economy founded on the diffusion and centrality of knowledge, in addition to the increasing dominance of the productive value of scientific and intellectual labor (Negri, 1997).
This article shows how the constraints posited by the LCM to account for lexical-constructional subsumption are applied to the domain of motion, paying special attention to the role of metaphor.
If the patient waiting of the beach furniture symbolizes the total subsumption of agency of the residents of Estrella de Mar and Costasol through the perfection of leisure, the business park in Super-Cannes, Eden- Olympia, marks the subordination of bodies to the progression of science through the spatial organization of home and office.
51), because, as seen by the paradigm of legality, there is no room for merits consideration of the State acts, but only for the formal syllogisms, by which merely investigates the existence of a possible subsumption between the act and the legal text.
Beaney very concisely discusses the key issues in Fregean semantics--the function-argument analysis, the distinction between subordination and subsumption, the fundamental distinction between object and concept, identity statements, types of context, compositionality, and, obviously, the sense and reference of names, sentences and concept-words.
Constraints on Subsumption and Amalgamation Processes in the Lexical Constructional Model: the Case of phone and email
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