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5828 which ostensibly provides for a statutory definition of a public utility but which is actually a subterfuge to allow foreigners to own public utility enterprises without complying with the citizenship requirement imposed by the Constitution,' Lagman said.
The regulator has ruled that we were entitled to use subterfuge, saying: "There was a clear public interest in investigating whether the company was using dishonest tactics to encourage customers to 'invest' in wine.
IPSO chief executive Matt Tee said: "After a lengthy investigation we have found that the subterfuge used was justified at each stage of the investigation and publication was in the public interest.
They were either fooled by their own subterfuge, or they knew Obamacare was a bad deal and they voted for it anyway.
Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia is elected Pope Alexander VI and embarks on the consolidation and expansion of his power through ruthless ambition, political subterfuge and his four children.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: The UK needs to "beef up" action against tax avoidance and subterfuge by big firms, Business Secretary Vince Cable said.
BIRMINGHAM City Council cabinet's plans for cutting the city's library services smack of subterfuge.
YOU SAID: Subterfuge, sabotage or wanton vandalism?
The NHS costs us billions now, They've brought in special plans A little bit of subterfuge To put it all in private hands Now people might be angry Atthechangestheyhavemade To ensure that no-one rocks the boat They've cut access to Legal Aid If youhav`1e an extra bedroom You can expect a financial loss With no help to resolve your plight Because they couldn't give a toss Rich folk will pay richer folk To tell the middle classes the score Then everyone will understand We must blame it all on the poor We're all in this together now Give the Condemns three big cheers They've wiped all we ever had And it only took three years Ian Kenyon, the Huyton poet
The closure of six respectable Anglesey pubs (Daily Post January 1) by such subterfuge is a very doubtful use of scarce Police resources.
After reading the business article 'Bahrain-US energy ties discussed' (GDN, November 20), I couldn't help comment that I hope no-one would fall victim to this subterfuge.
Our own tax authorities have got to be very tough on things like royalty payments, which is where a lot of the subterfuge takes place.