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'The opposition had adopted all manners of subterfuge and empty rhetoric to mislead the people into supporting them without success.
New Delhi [India], Sept 22 ( ANI ): The Congress party on Saturday came down heavily on the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government over the controversial Rafale deal, saying that its leaders' "obfuscation, subterfuge and smokescreens won't cover the tracks of corruption."
5828 which ostensibly provides for a statutory definition of a public utility but which is actually a subterfuge to allow foreigners to own public utility enterprises without complying with the citizenship requirement imposed by the Constitution,' Lagman said.
Ms Greenwood complained that the Mirror had used subterfuge to get the job at Wynn, after seeing an advert calling for "moneydriven performers".
This handsome but woefully cluttered thriller involving Allied subterfuge of a Nazi-controlled mine in rural 1944 Spain looks unlikely to travel far offshore.
Party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi accused the ruling dispensation of practising "subterfuge, deceit and a hidden agenda" but at the same time made it clear that Congress was opposing the move and manner of bringing the GST bill and "not the concept" of it as the move for GST was initiated by United Progressive Alliance.
It also found our probe was based on sufficiently credible grounds and the use of subterfuge was justified in the public interest.
They believe they are running a bar to franchise their name around the world but it's a prank by ITV2, a channel so brain-crippingly stupid it thinks it needs actors, set-ups and subterfuge to make the boyband look like idiots.
They were not fooled by the Obama/Gruber subterfuge. They still oppose Obamacare by 56 percent to 37 percent.
Most investigative journalism involves subterfuge of one kind involves subterfuge of one kind or another.
It considers how and why humans accept inhuman behaviors, it explores world leaders and their choices and perceptions, and it considers secret conversations, church involvements, political and social subterfuge, and plots and politics involved in the role of the church in these matters.
Secrets, lies and subterfuge make this a good thriller that keeps you guessing till the end.