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Therefore, without subterfuge or hesitation, tell me the truth - "
She yearns above all to return home to continue her parents' legacy; there is a promising romance that develops between her and a young man in Elizabeth's entourage, and plenty of action involving spies, chases, subterfuges, confrontations, and heroism.
Over the years, City Hall keeps taking a bigger cut with various subterfuges that avoid calling the charge a tax.
Its site with its deep blue background is reasonably fast at loading images although there are the usual subterfuges with a growing animated graphic at the beginning and that really irritating little LOADING in 5 point sans serif which all US architectural sites favour.
When it became illegal in 1904 for private schools to employ religious teachers, the Lyon diocese "saved" about two-thirds of its church schools by having religious personnel resort to the subterfuges of wearing secular garb and ostensibly abandoning their orders.
The subterfuges and risks binational couples must undergo to stay together in the States can turn their lives into Orwellian odysseys through government red tape.
In Kuttner's America, the basic assumption would be that regulation is good for the country's economic health, and that it should be carried out when needed without the kinds of subterfuges to which politicians often currently resort.
To protect its private ownership of the Information Millennium, for example, ultracapitalism must still resort to old-fashioned hard-copy media (bike messengers like Chevette) and legal subterfuges (Costa Rica has become the Switzerland of illicit data).