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The children said that there was in truth a subterranean outlet down there, and they would prove it.
in which quarter subterranean noises were also heard; for it is evident that the walls running S.
As I later learned, they had been to the subterranean vaults in which the eggs were kept and had transported them to the incubator, which they had then walled up for another five years, and which, in all probability, would not be visited again during that period.
As for the subterranean river in the bowels of the mountain, Heaven only knows what it is, or whence it flows, or whither it goes.
Franz took the lamp, and entered the subterranean grotto, followed by Gaetano.
This door communicated with a subterranean passage, leading under the street to a grotto in the garden of a house about a hundred yards from that of the future Protector.
It's the subterranean channel of an inland river," I cried.
If there was, the subterranean current must necessarily run from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, from the sole cause of difference of level.
She continued this as we wound our tedious way through the maze of subterranean passages and chambers.
But the roar--the awful, deafening roar of those tumbling waters penned in the rocky, subterranean vault
He paused, hesitatingly, for a moment or two; but the huge sentinel who followed him thrust him out of the subterranean passage.
Ghek made no reply, but moved rapidly through the winding subterranean corridors until Gahan began to realize how truly was he in the hands of this strange monster.