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The stipulations of the law also apply to the subterraneous drinking and industrial waters, for the activities of prospecting, exploration, establishing and recording the reserves.
If, therefore, there is no conclusion, no clear certainty, only the "simultaneity of stories so far" (Massey 9), let us end where we began with Thomas Burnet's A Sacred Theory of the Earth: "The subterraneous cavities that we have spoken of hitherto, are such as are visible in the surface of the earth, and break the skin by some gaping orifice; but the miners meet with many more in the bowels of the earth that never reach the top of it: burrows, and channels, and clefts, and caverns, that never had the comfort of one beam of light since the great fall of the earth .
Subterraneous fire causes oceans to subside or lands to elevate.
The second portion of the tour was of the Museum--an on-site subterraneous tribute to the impact of the events of September 11, 2001.
Here are to be been seen running streams, shadowy groves, fountains, and subterraneous grottos for securing the enjoyment of a delicious coolness".
The subterraneous work of the gods is work without light, without understanding, and has therefore fundamentally the santo meaning as the work of Epimetheus.
purgatory is "a subterraneous caue, fill'd with flames and
The musician' (continues the same Author) 'will sometimes, not only agitate the waves of the sea, blow up the flames of a conflagration, make the rain fall, the rivulets flow and swell the torrents, but he will paint the horrors of a hideous desart, darken the walls of a subterraneous dungeon, calm the tempest, restore serenity and tranquility to the air and the sky, and shed from the orchestre a new freshness over the groves and the fields.
Some basic conditions have to be considered when digging a shallow well: it should be located in the highest part of the property, at least 15 m away from sources of pollution, as far as possible and in the opposing direction of subterraneous drainage of known or probable sources of pollution; it should be covered with a lid; the wellhead should be at least 20 cm higher than ground level; there should be a 1 m curband around the wellhead (21).
She was referring to A Journey to the World Under-ground: being the subterraneous travels of Niels Klim, originally published in Latin in 1741 by Ludvig Holberg (1684-1754), Scandinavia's closest approximation to Voltaire.
The statement by Asmara said that "despite the dissemination of lies and deceits by forces with subterraneous motives and who aspire to benefit from instability and chaos in our region, Eritrea firmly reiterates that it will relentlessly strive for peace and stability in the Sudan and the region at large".