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While the first instance occurs in the actual dream, the latter two arise when De Quincey broods over "the secret mirror of our dreams," something "moving subterraneously in perhaps all men's nature" (222).
preparatory work is being accomplished, only as it were subterraneously.
Strout's ability to detonate joy subterraneously is something I can only read and admire, openmouthed.
16) The fact that the use of the urban space as a stage for representations of Soviet power and glory continued subterraneously is pointed out by Karen Ohlrogge in her contribution about the first subway lines of the Neva metropolis.
Moreover, what Derrida is setting before us is the challenge that if democracy is indeed our goal, and a democracy that does not slyly and subterraneously smuggle back in the very thing that we claim to be putting in question--those very unbearable, unlivable, ubiquitous features of the past that our ethical and political efforts are bothering to try to ameliorate--then a correlate demand is that we suspend our desires for orchestrating, owning or completing the conversations that we begin.