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Both the English original and its Chinese subtitle give vent to the speaker's irritating and annoying feelings.
As normal, none of the adverts or trailers had subtitles, but then the film started and there were no subtitles.
Section 530, however, clearly provides that its safe-harbor relief is available only with respect to employment taxes under subtitle C of the Code.
CPC will be demoing the new 3D subtitle feature of MacCaption using Final Cut Pro and AJA([R]) Kona 3G hardware at NAB 2011, booth SL7620.
Audio subtitling will also open up access to a wide range of foreign language audiovisual products, not usually accessible to the visually impaired community as localization was, until now, often handled with written subtitles rather than audio dubbing.
Contract notice: Pre-commercial procurement for the realization of efficient and automated subtitles
When out watching the football in the pub Lorrayne saw the subtitles changing the capital of Euro 2012 host nation Poland from Warsaw to the birthplace of Cum on Feel The Noize hollerer Noddy Holder - the above mentioned Walsall.
The authors find nothing in the principles of Subtitle A that is inconsistent with the provisions of Sec.
The New Add-on Enables JW Users to Add Subtitles and Closed Captioning Layers onto the Video Screen and Switch Languages According to the Viewer's IP Address and Web Browser Enabling Improved Search Engines' Presence
POP-EYE will combine subtitle recognition, natural language indexing and partial translation to develop a film and video indexing tool.
These subtitle translations are one of the only instances where crowd-sourcing of non-professional translators actually works," says Shoshan.