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Example (1) given above is a typical example where an English swearword from the semantic category of sex "fuck" is subtitled into a Chinese swearword from the semantic category of mother "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" (nainaide, grandmother's).
But there was always some detail that changed the meaning of the dialogue and showed that it had been dubbed or subtitled by a native of another region," For this reason, Donnari clarified, the series broadcast in Portuguese on his channel are now subtitled or dubbed by Brazilian companies.
In the past there has been a long delay between the opening of a film and the screening of a subtitled version.
The Skydome-based cinema has shown subtitled versions of Harry Potter and James Bond films but has had to wait a long time for the prints to become available.
Though the programs will be broadcasted in the original languages, they will all be subtitled in Dutch.
Contributors describe the nature of the audiovisual text, the challenges of translating screen to writing need and screenplays, the scripted and unscripted language of the screenplay and what subtitlers need to know about both, the discipline as it applies to special needs including translation for those with hearing and vision differences, the use of subtitled materials for foreign language instruction, and personalized subtitling as a means to enhance second language acquisition.
A wall painting depicting the logo of cult independent record label SST is subtitled Sic Semper Tyrannis, a Latin phrase meaning "thus always to tyrants" that was reportedly shouted in defiance by John Wilkes Booth immediately after he shot Abraham Lincoln and which was later reprised on a Lincoln T-shirt by Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
As most of the C4 programmes now shown on S4C are subtitled in English, specifically for deaf viewers, the Wales Deaf Broadcasting Council hopes that the S4C programmes commissioned to replace those programmes otherwise 'imported' from C4 will be equally subtitled for its deaf viewers.
At the moment they have to rely on their local cinema being able to get one of the few copies of a subtitled movie, but a new system could make things much easier.
CARDIFF cinemas are putting on special subtitled screenings of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to ensure everyone can see the biggest film of the year.
Projected from a noisy Eiki Slim Line (the quintessential home-movie model) onto a standard portable screen, the subtitled film is suffused with an enthusiast's total immersion in his subject.