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Subtitling provides viewers of audiovisual material with added information.
Another key challenge, according to Dr Green, is ensuring that both subtitling and closed captioning are delivered in a "platform-agnostic" format so that they can be "repurposed quickly and cost-effectively".
Meanwhile, the functions of the semiotic interplay in the subtitling process are also investigated.
Beining recalled his experience of subtitling the controversial comedy "The Interview" last year.
Most of these show pre-recorded programmes, for which subtitling can be prepared in advance.
Working with global broadcasters and other various players in the subtitle process ecosystem, Softel has witnessed the emergence of increasingly complex subtitling and captioning issues.
We received a very positive response to this decision, but have no further plans to provide subtitling in languages other than Welsh and English on our programmes.
To Eduardo Vera of Hallmark Channel, it's not simply subtitling that
5 million people have used subtitling at least once.
DEAF and hard-of-hearing people in Coventry and Warwickshire are lobbying their MPs in a bid to improve the quality and quantity of subtitling on TV programmes.
LAS VEGAS -- CPC's award winning MacCaption software now adds stereoscopic 3D subtitle authoring to its versatile arsenal of HD closed captioning and subtitling post production capabilities.
Sheffield-based Zoo Digital Group has gained a contract with BBC Worldwide to offer its subtitling and captioning services across the broadcaster's services.