subtle communication

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Davis's participant-informant status serves her well as she describes the subtle communication that goes on chest to chest as the dancers move on a single axis, the dancers' use of wordless cues to make adjustments and improvise, and the engrossing safety of their embrace.
Agents will learn all the subtle communication techniques, visual words, and phrases that can be used to replace body language to create a successful experience with the customer on the other end.
The commonly shared database is a sine qua non condition of such a subtle communication.
In the racing scenes which deftly balance music and sound effects--the sound helps viewers who've never sat in a saddle feel the intensity of a race and the subtle communication between animal and rider.
Second is to acknowledge that humans have no chance to mimic the subtle communication signals that occur between dogs.
Because understanding them allows you to see where, how and why those theories cause subtle communication problems in the organization.
Psychotherapy depends on sensitive, subtle communication, and graduates who have difficulty with English are at a steep disadvantage.
In fact, the laconic dedication, the very section of the novel that might seem trivial and easily passed over, establishes a subtle communication with the prophetic voice of the closing chapter, where Angot proclaims that this autobiographical fiction will be interpreted as a testimony to the sabotage that destroys women's lives.
He especially emphasized the ideal of yugen, the subtle communication of romantic beauty with complex overtones of memory and, often, melancholy.