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When things go awry, the subtleties and complexities are magnified.
GE Real Estate was able to work through the many subtleties associated with L'Enfant Plaza to successfully complete a very complicated transaction.
Offering a descriptive linguistics analysis, CEO Speak covers knowledgeable and tactful applications of CEO-level oral presentation, including their consequences, subtleties of the language of accounting as expressed through CEO speak, as well as what such speech tells us about corporate attitudes to society, employees, markets, and corporate competitors.
Or is it simply a matter of interpretation, with us missing the subtleties of a new form of contemporary installation art?
The third and newly revised edition of American English Compendium: A Portable Guide To The Idiosyncrasies, Subtleties, Technical Lingo, And Conventional Wisdom Of American English by Marv Rubinstein is an "student friendly" collection of the many intricacies of the English language and the variable differences of American English from its British counterpart.
Broderick did appreciate the opportunity to let Leo Bloom, the meek accountant, be quiet and allow the subtleties of the character, such as they are, to come forth.
There are seven basic presets that change subtleties in timbre according to the style of music that you want to play, whether classic piano, jazz piano or rock piano.
The more one explores the subtleties of this work, the more jarring questions one encounters.
Even though the author refrains from interrupting the even flow of his storytelling with loudening moments of intrigue, his intimate grasp of life, and the subtleties of the human experience make this book a deeply satisfying reading adventure.
Byer hopes that the ballet, which centers on the eerie precognition of a gypsy fortune-teller, will be instructive about the subtleties of choreography.
The esoteric subtleties of linguistics -- that is, whether there is or is not such a thing as Ebonics -- is beside the point.
This edition includes a glossary which is an optimal source for the study of sixteenth-century Florentine political terminology, which includes explanations of the subtleties in the meanings of terms such as grandezza or umori.