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The range features delicate shades of olive, gold, taupe and nude pinks which illuminate the face and eyes for a subtly natural and youthful look (pictured above).
MAMMOTH Cert 15, 125mins Time for a director to make another grand statement about the intrinsic unfairness of the world and how we're all subtly linked, no matter how big our differences seem.
This year's report considers how marketing and advertising subtly help shape children's socialization into values associated with commercialism.
The first area of interest was the extent to which participants would forge friendships with same-sex and opposite sex people who were overtly promiscuous, subtly promiscuous, or not promiscuous based on participants' sex and relationship status.
The result, both subtly erotic and intensely intimate, virtually screams for a Privacy, please sign
The similarities between the alternating stories are subtly and delicately drawn, rich in detail and nuance.
Commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, a major government agency, KPF's aim was to reconnect this rapidly evolving area with the historic core and explore, albeit subtly, some of the formal and ornamental themes of traditional Islamic architecture.
At the same time, his connection of past to present, woven more subtly into the rest of the book, reminds us once again that those who forget the past, as the saying goes, are doomed to repeat it.
The spectrum of the pMBA's infrared emissions changes subtly in response to the pH of the surrounding fluid.
The whole aircraft is equipped with mood lighting, which adjusts subtly to the time of day benefiting all in the cabin.
A scheme of buttons and zippers reflected in both wall hardware details and flooring materials subtly reinforces the clothing message, while a range of lighting solutions supports all of the kinds of activities required, says Dale Greenwald, Design Director for Cannon Design in New York City.