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Subtract the amount of cash expended to repay any short-term or long-term debt, repurchase stock (e.
For example, they would say the number 328 as "three hundred twenty-eight," and the order in which they would subtract it is by beginning with the "three hundred," then the "twenty," then the "eight.
Once you've counted the player's ``productive'' seasons, just subtract that number from his age on opening day and you have his Dorian Gray rating.
They also drew pictures to show how they could break apart a group of ten in different ways to subtract a given amount.
7 Subtract the actual hole position in Y from the hole's basic dimension in Y.
If you eat more than 2,000 calories a day, you'll have more foods to add or subtract And the diet is designed by a nutritionist In the real world, many people won't precisely add and subtract calories.
Because of their capital positions, many leading insurers may pursue transactions to subtract real estate from the balance sheet, especially mid-sized and Canadian-based firms," Yeskey noted.
Don't subtract from the healthy benefits of running by increasing your risk for skin cancer.
If you suffer from high blood pressure, subtract two years.
Department of Agriculture to let it subtract stearic acid from the saturated fats listed on food labels.
Whether that slippage takes place between the extrudate and the puller belts or the belts and the driving pulley, it will subtract length by not advancing the extrudate past the blade.
She could two after teaching using the family By two she recite The Owl Pussycat by Edward Add and subtract time she was Draw pictures by age two.