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99 billion, though they increased by 2 percent after subtracting advertising fees and commissions.
By subtracting pre-test scores from post-test scores, change scores were calculated.
This score is determined by subtracting the actual minus the preferred score on both pretest and posttest for both groups.
The effect of insurance can be determined by first calculating a firm's VaR without insurance, then recalculating VaR with insurance and subtracting this second number from the first one.
The direct interface also minimizes the number of keystrokes when subtracting or adding amounts to a container, according to the company.
Japan, Canada and the United States on Tuesday jointly proposed a new method for subtracting absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) by forests in calculating greenhouse gas emissions at a conference on global climate change in The Hague.
If you try to get a driver's license today, the motor-vehicle department computer would calculate your age by subtracting 81 from 97 and announce that you're 16.
You say computers exist for adding and subtracting very quickly, while Mr.
Every day, in every part of the country, city councils and county zoning commissions routinely make land use decisions that affect land value, adding to some land while subtracting from others.
Under the credit-invoice method, the taxpayer calculates its liability by applying the tax rate to each individual sale and subtracting all taxes previously paid on purchases.
Subtracting pulls out details previously masked by these larger proteins, enabling scientists to "see" the glue holding together the protein shell surrounding the core of the adenovirus particle.
There were no bidders on the trucks except Kleiman, who bid and paid $5,700 (which the IRS had determined to be the minimum acceptable bid after subtracting the liens).