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SUBTRACTION. The act of withholding or detaining anything unlawfully.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Subtraction allows us to know how much remains in calculations relating to numerous occupational, financial and social situations.
Thus, adding the same digit to each number (minuend and subtrahend) in the original subtraction still leaves the same answer.
Caption: Mikala Dwyer, The Additions and the Subtractions, 2017, mixed media.
An alternative renormalization procedure referred to as subtractive method or multiple subtractions treats the divergences with a different perspective: instead of modifying the potential, as in cutoff method, and keeping the scattering equation untouched, here the interaction is kept intact and the scattering equation is modified by the introduction of subtractions in its kernel.
In the context of subtractions, to our knowledge only Thevenot, Castel, Fanget, and Fayol (2010) have explored the relationship between arithmetic skill, problem size and strategy selection.
Usually computer arithmetic unit include four major basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Addition and subtraction with regrouping and across zeros can be difficult concepts for second and third graders.
Point subtractions. Points were subtracted from the subject's counter according to a formal schedule.
The overriding sensation is of the culling of unnecessary addition, of the negation of gravity, and of subtraction. Thus the timber and marble furniture in the cloakroom and cafe shifts and floats, without trimmings, as pure Suprematist form.
His bravura subtractions are perplexing expressions of the politics of difference and the paradox of memory, incorporating what he has called "mark-making as well as a literal 'unmark'-making": He executes drawings in white chalk on panels and walls that have been coated with slate paint or schoolroom blackboards on wheels and then smudges the images with his hands, partially wiping them nut.
The hypnotic humor and inevitable letter subtraction in verse leads to hilarious page-turning and sidesplitting exaggeration.
Most "Federal conformity" states, while not allowing any R&D credit, do not provide a subtraction from Federal AGI for the R&D credit amount included in Federal AGI when the full R&D credit is claimed.