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This process is considered an additive technique though some say it is subtractive because it cuts away sections from the rolls of layering material used in the process.
Subtractive prototyping is limited to relatively simple shapes -complex geometries are not possible.
how to use additive and subtractive shading techniques.
A conventional cross-section has more of a conductor "foot" created by the isotropic nature of the typical subtractive etching process.
Subtractive hybridization was performed using the method of suppressive subtractive hybridization (Diatchenko et al.
Color Science * Physics of color: source, materials and how they modify light, observer * Description of color: language of color, organization of color space, appearance, color ordering systems * Measuring color: basic principles, the sample, visual color assessment, instrumental color measurement - uses of and interpretation * Additive theory * Subtractive theory
Conventional moldmaking is a subtractive process that starts with a block of metal and removes material until what remains is the desired shape.
C6, and a subtractive phage antibody-display selection technology, called MAbstract, which provide a powerful and effective means to discover, develop and produce a variety of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of human diseases, such as vaccines, human antibodies, therapeutic proteins and gene-therapy products.
Color photography is based on the subtractive process, where the production of color depends either on the subtraction or absorption of the three primary colors -- yellow, magenta and cyan.
Samples were considered positive when their subtractive absorbance was greater than the calculated mean subtractive absorbance of the 14 negative samples and three standard deviations.
The discovery came through the application of a new technique called Suppression Subtractive Hybridisation at Dublin's Mater Hospital Diabetic Nephology Research Unit.
For the purposes of this article, this precludes computer numerical cutting (CNC), which is a subtractive process subject to its own set of parameters (and worthy of its own article).