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More than a quarter of Texas' growth from 2014 to 2015 was concentrated in the state's largest cities, but suburbs continued to grow at the fastest rates, new census figures show.
The Comparative Guide to American Suburbs, 2014, 7th Edition
BEIRUT: Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army were on high alert Thursday after rumors circulated that two suicide bombers were planning to attack Beirut's southern suburbs.
Invincible Green Suburbs, Brave New Towns: Social Change and Urban Dispersal in Postwar England.
Danville, located in the San Ramon Valley near Mount Diablo, is one of California's top 25 wealthiest cities, and one of the wealthiest suburbs of Oakland and San Francisco.
The grant also includes 48 housing units, 36 in the suburbs of Abu Dhabi, 10 in the suburbs of Al Ain, and two in the Western Region.
The southern suburbs of Beirut were heavily bombed during Hizbullah's July-August 2006 war with Israel, due to the large Shiite population and Hizbullah's presence in the suburbs.
The campaign followed a meeting led by House Speaker Nabih Berri, attended by representatives of his Amal Movement and Hizbullah, who concluded that the southern suburbs area was becoming a safe haven for criminal gangs and that their illicit activities are a threat to the security and stability of Hizbullah, media reports said.
Of the 33,544 drug-related cases charged in 2017 by Cook County prosecutors and by Cook County police departments, 11,888 came from the suburbs and 21,656 came from Chicago, according to the report.
The McGowan Labor Government's State Budget has delivered a $780 million congestion-busting road and rail package for Perth's northern suburbs, including the 'jewel in the crown', the Yanchep rail extension.
For years, we've heard about the mass movement of both businesses and individuals from the suburbs to the city, but recent exclamations of "The suburbs aren't dead
PARIS: Two people died yesterday after their car collided with a police vehicle in the Paris suburbs.