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In the current literature, there were no randomised controlled trials evaluating the role of suburethral slings at the time of abdominal prolapse surgery.
Currently, the procedure is performed transvaginally by placing a suburethral sling of Biodesign Surgisis over the midurethra, and securing it with titanium bone screws to the posterior-inferior pubis to restore proper anatomy for continence.
Women who had minimally invasive synthetic suburethral sling operations had significantly less de novo urgency and urgency incontinence, and shorter operating time, hospital stay, and return to daily activities.
On closer questioning, the patient revealed that she had undergone an uncomplicated suburethral sling placement 8 years prior to her referral to our unit.
If the clinical situation warrants additional procedures, such as a posterior repair or a suburethral sling for urinary incontinence, these can easily be performed after the robot is undocked.
Surgeons performing more than 20 minimally invasive suburethral sling procedures each year have the shortest operative time and the lowest estimated blood loss, according to a retrospective chart review of 108 procedures at one facility.