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Longtime dissidents Chen Wei and Chen Xi were also jailed for nine and 10 years respectively at the end of December for subversion, and veteran activist Zhu Yufu has just been charged with the same crime.
He was subsequently imprisoned in 1999 on subversion charges after he helped organize the Chinese Democratic Party.
The harshest punishment for subversion charges in two decades has educeed a joint appeal from the European Union and the US.
The new release offers the following new features and improvements: a new enterprise dashboard, which automates installation and administration; monitoring features that help administrators address problems before system availability is impacted; the ability to add servers or remove existing servers from a Subversion MultiSite or Subversion High Availability implementation without downtime; the ability to perform upgrades without disrupting user access; as well as the ability to selectively replicate Subversion repositories only to some locations.
The Universal Subversion client for Mac OS X complements CollabNet's growing portfolio of dedicated Subversion support, training and consulting services.
writer Elizabeth Foss has alerted parents to about the anti-life subversion of a much-loved traditional toy.
Shamanism, racism, and hip-hop culture; essays on white supremacy and Black subversion.
But as Ellerbee sums it up, it's all about fighting the power, whether you're gay, a suburban witch, or a genie in a bottle: "Gays have always had their own outlook on TV, and the subversion of the patriarchy is major in that.
To distinguish the mindless repetition of received ideas from their radical subversion, one must be possessed of a sense of history.
Reviewing earlier African American feminist criticism, Gallego concludes that this discourse involves "the subversion, inversion or variation of other discourses that marginalize African American women.
Twelve members of opposition party Popular Congress Party, including a junior government minister, are released after more than three months in detention on suspicion of subversion.
An Australian journalist has been arrested in East Timor, accused of subversion and threatened with expulsion, an international press freedom organisation said in Sydney.