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The development of the Mac OS X Universal binary for Subversion was in response to the growing demand from the Mac community," said Jack Repenning, chief technology officer of CollabNet.
The Mac OS X client for Subversion was developed as part of a new project on openCollabNet, SVNbinaries (http://svnbinaries.
We're thrilled that CollabNet now has a Universal version of their powerful Subversion tools to help developers create amazing software faster than ever before.
Today, an estimated 2 million developers around the world rely on Subversion to version their code and promote re-use of code assets.
Based on customer references, Subversion received top scores for implementation (with an average installation and configuration time of less than a month) and administration (with an average administrator-to-user ratio of one per 1,300).
Subversion is an open source project that can be used to manage changes to any sort of digital information.
Subversion is available under an Apache/BSD-style license and runs on all modern flavors of UNIX, Win32, BeOS, OS/2, OS/400 and Mac OS X.