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Before most Linux developers were born, Ken Thompson had already proven that 'many eyes' looking at the source code can't prevent subversion," O'Dowd noted.
Each year we reach out to the Subversion community to gain insights into usage trends and to uncover new directions developers would like to see the project take to address emerging challenges," said Lothar Schubert, senior director, product marketing for CollabNet.
55 percent of users would welcome online cloud backup for on-premises Subversion.
28 percent of users indicated that they are using Git in parallel to Subversion.
33 percent of users reported the use of multiple Subversion servers within their organizations.
CollabNet, the primary sponsor of the Subversion open source project and leading provider of collaborative software development solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Subversion for Mac OS X.
At the "Xcode and Subversion" lab (session 3000), members of Apple's Xcode team and key CollabNet employees who are leading contributors to the Subversion open source project will provide insight and hands-on assistance to developers who want to use the new Subversion client for Mac OS X for source code management.
The CollabNet Universal Subversion client for Mac OS X complements CollabNet's growing portfolio of dedicated Subversion support, training and consulting services.
The development of the Mac OS X Universal binary for Subversion was in response to the growing demand from the Mac community," said Jack Repenning, chief technology officer of CollabNet.