subversive activity

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I tell my students that, even though public school teachers work in settings in which AYP (adequate yearly progress) is the standard by which their efforts are judged, they don't have to give up their commitment to helping children know the joy of learning and the power of knowing themselves as learners--even if learning about learning turns into a subversive activity.
Instead, I am serious about framing learning as subversive activity that goes on in the shadows of the standardized expectations of current school practice.
SARGODHA, October 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): The government has announced to deploy police and law enforcement agencies personnel in the city under a contingency plan to counter any act of terrorism and other subversive activity to ensure peace on the eve of Eid ul Azha.
In the acquittal judgment, Justice RS Jain after hearing the arguments of Advocate Yogesh Bakshi, the counsel of the detainee, observed that there was nothing on record to prove that accused had ever indulged in any subversive activity.
With a record of subversive activity that would mark him as one of the most extreme radicals ever to serve in Congress, it is doubtful that he could have passed even the lowest level security checks if he had applied for a job in the Defense Department.
IPS: The aforementioned Institute for Policy Studies has been, since the early 1960s, a leading fountainhead of subversive activity and has spawned a vast network of fronts and revolutionary cadres.
A 1956 report compiled by a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee documented that UNESCO was "by far, the worst danger spot, from the standpoint of disloyalty and subversive activity among Americans employed by international organizations.