subversive activity

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Reversing himself from the position he had taken with Weingartner in Teaching as a Subversive Activity (1969), Postman concludes that schools need to counter the effects of television and the electronic media by preserving the values and methods associated with print-based literacy.
Different Taliban groups were fighting between themselves and they also claimed responsibility for every subversive activity in the country.
Another political worker Abdul Qadir Gilani demanded the government for taking maximum measures for security of voters as they will throng to polling stations on polling day and there would be immense damage if the militants succeed in undertaking any subversive activity in anywhere in the province.
With a record of subversive activity that would mark him as one of the most extreme radicals ever to serve in Congress, it is doubtful that he could have passed even the lowest level security checks if he had applied for a job in the Defense Department.
The meeting decided to adopt every possible measure for the security of the market and avert possibility of any subversive activity.
He said that time has come to apprehend the actual perpetrators of this carnage rather blaming Taliban for every subversive activity.
In the acquittal judgment, Justice RS Jain after hearing the arguments of Advocate Yogesh Bakshi, the counsel of the detainee, observed that there was nothing on record to prove that accused had ever indulged in any subversive activity.