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He urged efforts to counter plots to undermine social fabric and subvert security .
In an urgent meeting held yesterday, it warned Iran against any attempt to subvert Bahrain's security and stability.
The past five years have seen Rinse FM star Foamo carve a niche for himself in UK club music, with his signature style of house music laden with drum & bass, garage and grime influences and his headline set at Subvert this Saturday (September 7) is sure to impress.
This is the second time in history that the Congress and UPA neck deep in corruption had subverted the truth using the JPC mechanism."
He urged stronger GCC cooperation in combating terrorism, enforcing the law and all necessary measures aimed to protect member states and the future of coming generations from extremist trends which seek to subvert security and stability and spark sectarian strife in the Arab and Islamic nations.
In the application, Musharraf contended that it is the exclusive domain of the federal government to initiate proceedings against any person who abrogates, subverts, suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate, subvert, suspend or hold in abeyance the constitution by the use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.
Rather, it was a manifestation of that government's persistent drive to subvert our laws and sovereignty.
On the right wall were five robes (four short, one long in between) pitched at forty five degrees, as though the angle could subvert all the repetition.
The building is coated in an amorphous, greenish-hued stucco, giving it a curiously organic quality, emphasised by a series of contorted geometrical incidents that subvert the orthogonal regularity of the building.
His successor Georg Wilhelm abandoned efforts to subvert the Lutheran church.
While most drug therapies target secondary tumors with cell-killing chemicals, a few researchers are developing innovative, nontoxic alternatives to merely subvert the biochemical changes that allow colonization.
Manama, Aug.8 (BNA): The family of Emad Adnan Al-Mulla family condemned the flagrant Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, rejecting any attempt to subvert national security.