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The silly materials and insouciant handling subvert the romantic notion of turning to nature for artistic inspiration.
The Company's blatant misuse of a shareholder-approved bonus plan reveals that AK is willing to subvert the principles of sound corporate governance to reward executives in disregard of its outside investors, the report concludes.
If the unions or any other group tries to subvert the process, they do so at their own risk.
Using film, video, photography, and theater, Coleman constantly reinvents the terms of his own medium to strategically subvert specular techniques.
Alternatively, to the extent defendants are successful in their efforts to subvert the interests of Willamette and its shareholders by thwarting Weyerhaeuser's efforts to get the Willamette Board to respond in good faith to the outstanding offer, Willamette shareholders are seeking to hold Willamette's board of directors personally liable for all damages to Willamette and its shareholders including, but not limited to, the $30+ million of Willamette's cash to be paid by the Company to financial and legal advisers for their assistance in frustrating the sale of Willamette to Weyerhaeuser as well as any diminution in share value resulting from the promised withdrawal of the Weyerhaeuser offer if the Willamette Board persists in its allegedly improper course of conduct.
1542, also known as Tauzin-Dingell, an anti-competitive bill that would allow the Bell monopolies to subvert the 1996 Telecom Act by entering the lucrative long distance markets without first opening up their local lines.
Parreno departs form the logic of the French left which, even before 1986, believed that in preparation for the socialist revolution one had to live the contradictions of the system from within so that one would know how to subvert it.
Like Tim Burton's best film creations, Keck's characters subvert the conventions of the horror story even as they suggest one.
In the past few years, the maverick organization Storefront for Art and Architecture has invited artists to subvert not only the conventional function but the very architectural structure of the gallery space.
The lawsuits seeking a re-vote were designed to subvert the constitutional process and an attempt to derail the presidential election.
The argument has always turned on the question of whether same-sex marriage would reduce "gay" promiscuity, or whether "gays" would subvert the monogamous ethos of traditional marriage.