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2007 to perform acts and functions in accordance thereof and this order also resulted in removal of numerous judges of the superior courts including the Hon'ble Chief Justice of Pakistan and he thereby subverted the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 and thus committed the offence of high treason punishable under section 2 of the High Treason (Punishment) Act, 1973 (Act LXVIII of 1973), which is within the jurisdiction of the Special Court established under section 4 of The Criminal Law Amendment (Special Courts) Act, 1976 (XVII of 1976).
The sexual culture has not been tamed but has dramatically subverted a venerable social institution.
Constitutional democracy and the rule of law are the very foundation of freedom, and they cannot exist if they are secretly and arbitrarily subverted at the whim of jurors.
Furthermore, this community of women, conspiring to link children's bodies to dance, food, and clothing, in its own small way and in its own small location, temporarily subverted oppressive social structures.
Agency for International Development subverted Costa Rica's economy by pressuring the government to privatize sectors of the economy, including banking, and to open up the economy to more foreign investment.
The company successfully subverted the Japanese clothing business by sourcing overseas, primarily in China.
Second, Musharraf in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army, by adopting unconstitutional means, abrogated, subverted / suspended/held in abeyance the constitution by issuing the Proclamation, hence committing the offence of high treason as defined in Article 6 of the constitution.
He said that in the history of Pakistan, four generals had subverted the constitution and ruled for 36 years, but none of these 'patriotic generals' could or had abolished corruption and the feudal system in the country, The Daily Times reports.
United States Forest Service that the logging company failed to show how its First Amendment rights had been subverted by the Forest Service's management of Medicine Wheel, which is a stone circle sacred to several Native American tribes located on Medicine Mountain in the national forest in north central Wyoming.
The will of the people would be subverted if a congressional leader of a different party ascended to the presidency and completely reversed the course of government,'' Sherman said.
The safety or boredom of prescribed positions and distances--between painter and subject, image and viewer, the art world and the "real world"--was subverted or illustrated or both by this seemingly last-minute guerrilla tactic.