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The Locksmiths and the Subverters are currently in ascendance, and although they appear quite different on the surface, in truth they have a good deal in common.
UNN is an alternative outlet for documentary makers, animators, video activists and subverters.
Though these findings may very well be skewed to support the homosexual agenda, there is no doubt that the cultural subverters are trying to create the appearance of popular support to justify the new immoral order and to discourage opposition.
In The Confidence-Man 1857), Melville's final novel, charity is the lure for subverters and practitioners alike: a con artist of no con-fidence (no faith) plies his wiles on people of con-fidence (seemingly with faith) on a riverboat ironically named "Fidele," beginning at sunrise on April Fool's Day and ending that night in darkness.
To think of early Christians as subverters of the family seems a strange, if not preposterous, idea.
Hamilton's words bring us back to the courts' proper role: active guardian of the Constitutional rights of citizens and the constitutional limitations on federal power, not active subverters of those limits or passive accomplices to the subversions of the other branches of government.