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He called on officials in the Interior Ministry to arrest the criminal culprits quickly, affirming that these desperate attempts to subvert national security would never prevent the leadership, the Government and loyal people from continuing the democratic and reform process.
When our denominational leaders--or any denominational leaders, Jewish or Catholic or Protestant--try to align our religious organizations with government and use the government's strength and power and influence and money to further our own faith, to me that subverts not only Christ's teachings but also the Constitution of the United States.
At the film's conclusion, Wheeler chooses to subvert romantic-comedy traditions for a resolution rooted in her traditional realism.
This combination of offices and dance studio uses glass to subvert the relationship between viewer and viewed.
Researchers presented data that further define the mechanisms by which this bacterium enters the host cell, subverts endosomal-lysosomal pathways, acquires nutrients for multiplication, and escapes the host cell.
The portrayal offered by Hogue seems to me a legitimate assessment of a number of current critical perspectives dominating published scholarship on minority literature, yet these arguments create and maintain a polarity between authors of minority discourse rather than examining the way in which the postmodern writing of John Edgar Wideman, for instance, inscribes a sense of racial wholeness and historical continuity at one and the same time that it subverts and exposes the limits of its own desire.
This joy aids the survival of a people of faith and subverts the unjust and oppressive systems and structures that dominate human life today.
The book concludes by showing how Shakespeare subverts New Comedic conventions in Hamlet and King Lear to deepen the tragic power of these plays.
Hosted every week by Katie Puckrik and her best friend, Lisa Kushell, "Pajama Party" subverts the classic sleepover ingredients into grown-up friskiness, with the help of visiting celebrity guests and an audience of 20- and 30 -something women, all hanging out in their PJ's in Ms.
He further said that in the opinion of Altaf and the MQM, one who abrogates and subverts the constitution is a "patriotic general", but in the eyes and opinion of the CPP, any general who abrogates and subverts the constitution is a "traitor general" and that the general should be tried under Article 6 of the constitution.
Although his dancing is rooted in the vernacular forms that are at the heart of jazz, his movement research and choreographic risk-taking result in work that both honors and subverts tradition.
Such is the case with more recent compositions wherein angular shapes push one another around within the frame, amoebic forms vie for elbow room, and abutted and interlocking blocks of color compete in a push-pull that subverts the spatial dominance and fixity of each.