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When asked to discuss what they felt had been their role in helping their child to succeed in school, each answer was eerily similar.
A student with a strong willingness to succeed could accomplish whatever he/she wants.
Pitch Like A Girl: How A Woman Can Be Herself And Still Succeed discusses many of the "brain sex" differences between men and women.
1398(g), the estate succeeds to certain of the debtor's income tax attributes, including his or her NOL carryovers under Sec.
Pommera, a French specialist for European Community law, argues that Noyer could qualify under the Treaty as a French candidate to succeed Duisenberg after Noyer leaves the ECB Board.
Can a service that was (and one may argue still is) dominated by an ideology of the bourgeoisie succeed in reaching and holding a working-class audience?
The Incubator Center is staffed with professionals from the City of Auburn and from Auburn University whose sole purpose is to assist and support the tenants to increase their chances to succeed.
1,400,000 to the Asian University for Women to launch the Bangladesh-based university's Access Program, which identifies and prepares high-potential secondary school graduates from across Asia to succeed at AUW and beyond.
But what the proponents of regulations don't realize is that if they succeed, they will do more harm than good to America's consumers.
We should give these kids a chance to show they can succeed without a waiver,'' Robinson said.
Broadwell, who will retain his duties as editor, will succeed his uncle, Ramon L.
LeEarl Bryant has worked diligently to help SWE's professional sections thrive and succeed through public policy, professional development and leadership," says Jude Garzolini, president of the Society of Women Engineers.