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With their kindly aid, obtained at different times and in different places, I finally succeeded in learn- ing to read.
Of this endless modern examples could be given, showing how many treaties and engagements have been made void and of no effect through the faithlessness of princes; and he who has known best how to employ the fox has succeeded best.
Notwithstanding these repeated delays, they succeeded, before the sun had acquired sufficient power to thaw the snow, in getting all the rest of their horses safely to the other side of the mountain.
At length, thought he, I have succeeded, and have made an impression on this charming girl that is allied to admiration.
This, which would have defeated a bargain with any common couturiere, succeeded perfectly with Adrienne.
As soon as we succeeded in making the natives understand our intention, they broke out into the most vehement opposition to the measure, and for a while I almost despaired of obtaining their consent.
Another canoe soon succeeded, the crew of which was likewise admitted.
The united strength of all three travellers was required to detach these reservoirs from the bottom of the car in which they had been so firmly secured; but Kennedy was so strong, Joe so adroit, and the doctor so ingenious, that they finally succeeded.
His humour, as will be seen if I have in any way succeeded in reproducing the manner of his conversation, was sardonic.
I will confess to you," continued Master Jacques, with his timid and awkward smile, "that I have tried it over the furnace, but I have succeeded no better than with my own.
This we succeeded in doing, and he is now the postmaster at the Tuskegee Institute.
Now that he has succeeded in accomplishing my permanent materialization, he will be unbearable, and he will go on until he has filled Lothar with his creatures.