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Ma Zhaoxu was hired ambassador to Australia, succeeding Chen Yuming.
Brelotte Ba is CEO of Orange Niger, succeeding Jean-Louis Branco;
Fox, 50, of Pensacola, managing director for Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon, succeeding Drew Pinkerton, appointed for a term beginning September 29, 2008, and ending July 1, 2012.
In fact, not only are many of them succeeding, some tend to be well above the academic achievement standards for their determined grade level.
You are the only one who can stop you from succeeding and achieving your goals.
Every succeeding statement described what the teacher must do: 1.
2004-34 offers accrual-basis taxpayers several options to recognize income received from advance payments for goods or services, including deferral of some income into the succeeding tax year.
To be sure, succeeding with the big ease is no small feat.
The proposed guidance would expand revenue procedure 71-21's scope to include advance payments (1) for certain nonservices and mixed services/nonservices and (2) received under an agreement or series of agreements with a term extending beyond the end of the next succeeding year.
will become chief executive officer of HC Benefits, succeeding Kelbel.
plant manager of its Bay City, MI, components plant, succeeding William R.
If the CEO does not actively support the communication strategy, it has little chance of succeeding.