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Parallel algorithm for the synthesis of the multi-tapped meander microstrip delay lines (MTMDL), based on the successive approximation technique is proposed.
We introduce the accelerating parameter [alpha] to Successive Approximation Method (3).
In each step of the successive approximation method, a Fredholme integral of order II is obtained, for which, using the supraposition rule of flow potentials, we seek solutions of the form:
In this paper, we give a Caratheodory [3] successive approximation for the solution (whenever we have its pathwise uniqueness) of a d-dimensional stochastic differential equation where the coefficients are not necessarily continuous.
Then, in part three, he effectively lays out a detailed roadmap for applying successive approximation to the development process.
Restated, the multiresolution successive approximation not only enhances the resolution of an image, but also enhances the resolution of a watermark simultaneously.
In successive approximation experiments the primary goal is incremental product improvement.
Nevertheless, we may safely conclude that whatever the current goals of science: a) in the light of Laudan's pessimistic induction, there is no reason to suppose current goals will always be with us; and b) these goals do not include the successive approximation to the truth, because if they did so Boyd's type of realism would be vindicated; but c) the goals of science, whatever they are, underwrite the claims of science to `deliver the goods', and undermine the suggestion of relativists and constructivists that science has no epistemic goals or a plurality of incommensurable ones.
Our best hope, we concluded, was to change Nora's attitude and behavior through successive approximation.
Just as the area under a curve may be calculated by summing an infinite series of approximations, just as a square root may be approximated by a succession of averages, or a probability be inferred from a succession of events, so may the wordless modes of being be manifested through the aesthetics of successive approximation.
The important thing is to design a system by successive approximation.

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