successive phases

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They may give rise to negotiations in successive phases.
These six priorities track the six stages in the lifecycle of a business -- from starting-up, through the successive phases of growth, stature, prime, maturity to a period of renewal.
Expanding the capabilities of earlier versions, Autodesk Architectural Desktop 3 helps architects focus on essential design activities while reducing the workflow inefficiencies and drafting inaccuracies that typically occur during the successive phases of design development.
It is not intended to negotiations in successive phases after which certain candidates can be eliminated.
Gemplus' e-commerce initiative will be rolled out in three phases with successive phases targeting broader markets and product selections.
Successive phases of development will add about 500,000 square feet of gross building area - as demand dictates.
The negotiation procedure is carried out in three successive phases.
The selection of Concurrent's PowerMAXION and PowerWorks for successive phases of this project is a testament to our superior product performance and ability to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements," said Corky Siegel, Chairman of the Board, CEO, and President, Concurrent Computer Corporation.
Missions include the successive phases from a preliminary draft approved.
o will handle information related to the project during the successive phases of its life cycle (design, construction, operation, closure .
That's certainly been the primary attacking strategy during the Gatland era, where it's been all about imposing increasing pressure on defences through successive phases and successive thrusts by big powerful men out wide.

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