successive relationship

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In fact, you can't help but think that she is quite the opposite: a user who treats each successive relationship as little more than a convenient foothold on the greasy pole of fame.
This pattern is repeated with each successive relationship, so the rise and fall in the probability of condom use looks like the teeth of a saw.
The probability of condom use at first intercourse with a new partner declines over successive relationships.
Men continue to start relationships using condoms, but successive relationships last longer, so the average level of use is lower over time.
Although the net effect of this more complex alternative is similar to that of the first, it posits that changes in the characteristics of partners or relationships over time are responsible for decreases in the likelihood of initial condom use with successive relationships.
In most cases the magnitude of change across successive relationships is not very large.
This suggests that the first subhypothesis that men become less vigilant over successive relationships can be rejected.
He began successive relationships with two women, both mothers, without telling them of his past child sex crimes.
The tragic 30-year-old had been savagely victimised during two successive relationships.
For successive relationships, compounded with the alleged equality of a perfect and imperfect breve, after C would relate semibreves

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