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After all, narratives starkly dramatize the question what to do next by their relentless successiveness.
The verb "Sigue" at the beginning of line 6, stanza 7 controls this headlong successiveness into line 5 of stanza 8 in a single syntagmatic flow.
The only way to notice the successiveness of the series would be to view it from the outside, as one views cars on a passing train, and such an external view seems to be the habitual standpoint for Whiteheadian discussions of personal identity.
God's immutability affects also his thought, which lacks all the successiveness of human thought [AT V 193 (CSM III 355)].
These two form of writing were brought together to the extent that the successiveness of the narrative might be guaranteed by the continued existence of the character; and according to Stein, Defoe was able to write the autobiography only because his subject had no existence apart from him.
The distinction is depicted spatially: time involves the successiveness of an earthly perspective that is both short-sighted and lowly; eternity is the heavenly perspective that far transcends the earthly with its singular comprehension of past, present, and future.
that of established temporal order), the sensible present occurs as a "melting zone" in the progression of time: "although we are aware of successiveness, we cannot give the items in a reliable order" (Dobbs, 1972).

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