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Expanding successorship protections to include re-tendering of contracts means our workers will have job security, and the seniors and other patients who rely on them will have more stability and better care.
Law360's successorship clause was one of several innovative provisions that digital journalists have demanded--and won.
When the ownership of a company changes or a new company takes over a work contract in a unionized workplace, successorship law balances the competing interests of employers and labor.
(d) Whole successorship. If an employing unit not subject to MGL Chapter 151A acquires an employer, the resulting entity is not considered "newly subject" within the meaning of MGL Chapter 149, Section 189(d).
Some contracts, however, include "active" successorship provisions that, for example, bind the seller to require purchasers to assume the existing CBA or to negotiate a new CBA as a condition of closing.
While previous owners allowed successorship (staff kept their jobs), Revera laid off staff, cut hours, made new rotations, and asked staff to reapply for their jobs.
The volume concludes with three chapters on the rights of individual workers, bargaining relations in transition, and successorship. Harris teaches at New York Law School.
(172) In so doing, it is analogous to imposing successorship liability in products liability cases as a way of forcing selling firms to make adequate provision for tort victims.
Whether you are single, married, or a surviving widow, it is in your best interest to receive as much education as possible about wealth planning" investments, successorship, and related matters.
The Shia-Sunni rift dates back to the death of the Prophet Muhammad and the disagreement over successorship which followed.
The FMLA does not define the term "successor in interest." The court also did not have a lot of guidance from other courts; only one other federal appellate court in the nation (the 6th Circuit) had analyzed the successorship inquiry under the FMLA (
In the meantime, however, the union has sent a letter to ExpressJet Holdings' management, stating that in order to win the support of its members the deal must result in a profitable airline that provides long-term stability and progressive career potential; must fully honour the scope and successorship provision of the collective bargaining agreement; management must commit to negotiating a joint collective bargaining agreement with all involved parties that benefits all pilots; and there must be a fair and equitable seniority list integration.