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Enhanced with beautiful, 'museum quality' artwork throughout, "A World Of Faith: World Celebration Special Edition" by Peggy Fletcher Stack and Kathleen Petersen provides the reader with a succinct and informative description religions.
Featuring sidebars on all the principle commanders who led the German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front, as well as the pitcal events that occurred on both sides and influenced the war (including the SS and Einsatztgruppen murder squads), the technological advances in planes, tanks, rocket launchers, and more, "The Eastern Front" is a succinct, profusely illustrated, month-by-month historical overview that is as informed and informative, as it is engaging and recommended for personal, academic, and community library Military History reference collections in general, and World War II Eastern Front supplemental reading lists in particular.
Here are succinct recipes for everything from Appetizers, breads, cakes, and candies, to casseroles, frostings, salads, and relishes.
Each individual book includes a succinct and 'kid friendly' explanation of the featured wonder's origins, the environment of which it is a part, human interaction with the phenomena under study, and information about visiting the showcased wonder today.
And guitarist Del Marquis has blossomed into the band's secret weapon, embroidering these 10 succinct originals with spacey, phased effects and lightning-fast licks that recall classic Queen.
In 100 succinct essays, Jones takes a whimsical survey of what is known and unknown within the world of science.
Students unhesitatingly asked many probing questions about specific programs; Wynne's answers were succinct, displaying an impressive depth of understanding of the specific details of multiple programs.
As the mother of two autistic boys, Kathy Labosh draws upon her experience and hard-earned expertise to write The Child With Autism At Home: The Home-Life Guide which is a succinct compilation of 350 tips for parenting an autistic child in every area of the home environment including the attic, master bedroom, child's bedroom, "the corner", the family room, playroom, music room, kitchen, study, bathroom, broom closet, even the front and back doors.
Paul Capetz of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities has provided a succinct introduction to the history of the development of the doctrine of God that stretches from the Old Testament to the present.
The writing is succinct and suited to younger YA readers.
Profusely illustrated with accompanying and succinct descriptive captions, Before & After Garden Makeovers showcases 40 diverse gardens as examples to other homeowners what can happen when transforming bare patches of lawn and tired plantings into beautifully crafted "garden rooms" for the pleasure of family outdoor entertainment and relaxation.
Accompanied by succinct essays about the black church--from the Introduction by Dr.