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Succinct was itself purchased by OPEN Health in 2012 and delivers communications and publications services to a series of global pharmaceuticals firms, comprising Astellas, Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis.
His exposition of Kant, Schleiermacher, and Hegel is succinct without surrendering any content.
Accompanied by succinct essays about the black church--from the Introduction by Dr.
Written in clear, succinct English with liberal use of bullet points and lists, Meeting Excellence offers a wealth of practical advice about a central issue in every workplace.
In its succinct imbrication of spiritual yearning, late-capitalist work ethic, and new-age lifestyle, The Wave serves as something of a key to Lichtenstein's latest series, "The Searchers" (2004-).
The magazine) is designed to provide C-level executives with a succinct, efficient and informed way to stay in front of changes in business law.
Selected Projects', the largest of the volumes, gives a succinct overview of the world of Zaha Hadid (including her product and exhibition designs)--a world that is revolving at at least twice its speed ever since the ill-fated Cardiff Bay Opera House (1994-96).
The how-to section, "Planning Group Lessons for College Non-Keyboard Majors," is a gold mine of succinct "tried-and-true" points that should be required reading for all piano pedagogy students, and will provide helpful reminders to seasoned classroom teachers.
Her new book, The Tao of Pricing, is written in the best tradition of succinct Buddhist "poetry.
30, Issue 1) was a succinct, insightful article into some solutions to the current operational and service delivery challenges that emergency services face across the nation.
The weekly continues to cover the Church with in-depth articles on Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia not available anywhere else, while its feature "Church in the World" brings succinct summaries of events.