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Divided into short poems "How To Help" and longer prose sections "How It Feels", How To Help A Grieving Friend succinctly describes tested strategies to be of assistance.
The media training I provide to our executive team includes advising them, when asked a question, to answer it as directly and succinctly as possible--and then subtly segue into one of our key messages.
The authors succinctly explain how to build spatial databases and interpret data output.
To sum it up succinctly, people aren't to be "disappeared," tortured, or denied due process of law.
Like most people who watched his confirmation hearings, I admired John Roberts's knowledge of the law--he seems to have memorized every case ever decided by an American court--and his ability to succinctly summarize judicial opinions.
Alexander states this creed most succinctly as follows: the wholeness, defined as the pattern of centres in some part of space, is not only the underlying causative structure in matters of architecture and art--but even the behaviour of sub-atomic particles, electrons, is also governed by this wholeness.
Cooper tells the story succinctly, using only eight dancers and a singer.
"Cool!" It's a sentiment echoed "all weekend long, aptly and succinctly summing up the BMW M Experience at the automaker's Performance School in Greenville, South Carolina.
He is a clear-eyed and practical critic of the institutions that environmentalism has spawned, succinctly describing their roles in defining the diverse perspectives of American culture toward nature.
Annunzio states it succinctly and correctly: "No matter where in the world your company is, the drivers of high performance are the same.
Bloom puts it succinctly: "[Shakespeare] wrote the text of modern life and he defies explication."
It provides scores of succinctly written "tips, techniques and secrets" not only for creating a profitable subscription website but also for running a business with the right "attitude."