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It's a sentiment echoed "all weekend long, aptly and succinctly summing up the BMW M Experience at the automaker's Performance School in Greenville, South Carolina.
He is a clear-eyed and practical critic of the institutions that environmentalism has spawned, succinctly describing their roles in defining the diverse perspectives of American culture toward nature.
Annunzio states it succinctly and correctly: "No matter where in the world your company is, the drivers of high performance are the same.
It provides scores of succinctly written "tips, techniques and secrets" not only for creating a profitable subscription website but also for running a business with the right "attitude.
Exploring motives that ranged from religious movements to concern about animal rights to nutritional discoveries, Vegetarian America is a truly amazing, deftly researched and succinctly presented tour of the side of America that is not so commonly seen amid the thousands of turkey, beef, and ham commercials.
Upon review it appears that these eight parts could be succinctly described in two sections: historical development (parts 1-5) and contemporary issues (parts 6-8).
The theory you need is presented clearly and succinctly as you need it.
I've used this phrase, these words, because it succinctly describes this philosophy.
Every branch of science is covered in this handy dictionary, which defines some 7,000 terms clearly and succinctly.
The complex relationship of the Jesuits to the founding fathers of modern science, especially Galileo and Descartes, are succinctly analyzed by W.
Asked by the Daily News if the homeowner himself was under investigation, and if there was a chance that he might be arrested, a representative of the Phelps County Sheriff's Office replied succinctly, "No, not at all.
Commented Carter, "So I think that that could not have been explained more succinctly or clearly by Jesus Christ himself.