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He established them in providing support to the great community and [thus] gaining much benefit;" for another example of this tendency to more succinctness cf.
His own assessment of why this path was not taken is as accurate in its succinctness as it is in need of further elaboration* He stated that the conversation with Judaism that Paul was working out in Rom.
bar], even if it aims for the clarity and succinctness of the Jaimin[i.
The interview questions were coordinated with the LRO career field manager for appropriateness, succinctness, and clarity.
A greater succinctness is noted overall which, in most cases, sharpens the document and also hopefully broadens its applicability to the diverse range of professional situations in which CAPS members find themselves working.
Historians routinely contrast the two great rivals, but for succinctness, nothing matches Wood's opening to his chapter on westward expansion: "Hamilton always faced east, toward Europe .
It is a master class in precision, succinctness, accuracy, understanding, knowledge of the area and a clarion call to all those disparate individuals with private axes to grind for whatever reason.
Klausner of the morality plays The Pride of Life and Wisdom meets the aim with matching succinctness.
Although his comments on the need to engage the neighbors is the highlight, and some of Miliband's other points hew more closely to the generally understood policy of the coalition partners, the lucidity and succinctness with which he develops his thesis makes reading the article a must for anyone truly interested in understanding more clearly the way out of this conflict.
Usually he would not touch the words but tried to bring to the essays, in his deletions and reorderings, a sense of succinctness and proportion.
Because of this succinctness, many areas beg for more elaboration.
While the entries are masterpieces of compression, their succinctness can also be frustrating, especially when one wants to know more about the sheer brilliance of the personality behind the name.