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Widnes Year 1 winners Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in joyful mood
He urged the donors to continue to support the campaign in order to provide more succour to people that have been displaced by the floods in Pakistan.
A loss which "devastated" O'Driscoll, who was among the pallbearers carrying the coffin at his friend's funeral in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour in Foxrock, Dublin.
The remarks will offer succour to Cole, whose personal and professional life have both been tempestuous of late.
Does Mr Hemming begrudge the Bob Cratchits of this world a little succour during this holy season of goodwill?
And asked whether the release gives succour to terrorists, the spokesman said: "I don't think it does.
This tiny island of ours cannot succour its enormous population without buying from abroad.
Everything that can sustain and succour life--livestock, food stores, wells and pumps, blankets and clothing--has been looted or destroyed,
At its east end it tapers and morphs into the city's Bond Street, an elegant ghetto of deluxe flagships clinging staidly together, like first class passengers in the Titanic's lifeboats, for succour against the blare and dislocation of modern Tokyo.
The Commission also feels the EU and Member States should give more succour to air safety enhancement programmes, particularly for the benefit of developing countries.
But spiritual succour had already come, and it first arrived from south of the border.
These brief snippets may help to illustrate the challenge evangelical Christian peacemakers face in a world of a billion Muslims, hundreds of millions of Hindus, and countless people of other faiths who need recognition, respect, spiritual succour and love, but who do not seek conversion.